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A mad Feuder And Hussein Dushanbe, !!! A True Story

Today, a poor feather with a corner on the Baba’s stairs stairs was the old blanket wrapper, some lost in his old memories.

His eyes were shaded, head hair festivals were seen in the cold shores of the blanket-shaped blankets, its beard appeared white with some black hair, descending in an abundantly clay clay. Was there, !!!!!!

She did not have any senses, she had a lot of shiny notes and scattered notes in front of her, but she did not care about it, a child sitting around somewhere might be waiting for the opportunity to miss these notes and notes. Were there !!!!

Today some felt like a cold, cold-aired surgery. They were forced to cope with more blankets, but they failed to fully wrap themselves in this blanket, !!!!

Who is the first person ever seen him here, and even many weaknesses appear to be sitting in the bowl of the bowl, sitting in front of the extravagant voices, but no sound was heard from his mouth nor any sadness, It was just a silence, just hoping to be the happier of her going to the shower, !!!!

On the other side of a car stairs, Rikki, on the other side, opened the door of the car, one of the most beautiful dressed garments turned out, and sat straight to the same weakness and sat in front of him. A row of cows flowed, !!!!

It’s a fascinating voice from the frustration of this frustration, !!!!

Shazzad !!!!! Myhzad, !!!!! Listen to me once again! !!!! This is the same Shahzad brother, who used to be a smart beauty teenager almost 10 years ago, had a good job in a good company, he was here with our brothers and sisters. Sometimes, they came and were very interested in dressing very well, their marriage was not yet fixed, they were also our relatives, !!!!!

I was a student of those mathematics these days, and Shahzad brother would probably be older for me for 10 years, he used to keep his brother in the beginning at the outset, but after a few days he made a room at someone’s house. The door, which opened the door, had a bathroom with room, and the window of this room was opened in the courtyards of the house, which was completely banned on opening at the beginning! !!!!

Sometimes I used to go with the parents of Shehzad’s brother and brother-in-law, where Shahzad brothers also used to come to us, this information also came to me coming to know about their interactions. I used to stay there, I did not have any special talk with Prince. But do they bargain with them, !!!!

Shehzad brothers were very good, their nephew nephews were very small, and my sister-in-law also accompanied them to market or park with them, !!!!

The owners of the Shahzad brothers were very tough, used to live in the lower part, and the above part also had rent their relative, whose stairs passed through the house of the owner, even the big house Perhaps there was a good post in a good company, there was a good car, which was parked in the courtyards, there was a double road in front of the house, there was a big steel gate and a small gate to come in, Shehzad brother’s room was also standing with the stairs above, which never opened, !!!! Because the ban was opened on the window by opening the window, his room was opened in the street, and Shahzad brother used to sleep at the bus night and used to leave his work in the morning, even on return from the job. The evening spent time with my brother and finished eating food till night and walked to his room, which was a few steps away from there !!!!

Shehzad brother in this area had made good relations with everyone. They used to respect them very much, even two good good relations came to them, but they had refused to marry at all times, their elder brothers were married to them. They were also worried, enough they had been saved, among them, their elder brothers also offered every home a few months for their expenses, they wanted that a small house was built by all of them in Asia, If they wish, then they can think something for marriage, !!!!!

Many families in this area were ready to give their sister daughter to their relationship, and one had probably given the lure of home and good dowry, but Shahzad did not say the brother’s honor that something from the girl Grace the divine or anything else that was absolutely against the Dujis, they believed that Bihar was a cursed, Often they said that as long as their own house did not go with all the equipment, at any cost They will not accept any relationship, they also decorated their rent rooms, a small sophisticated set and a single bed with a small spectrum. He was sitting in the room, even a wing hanging on the terrace, !!!!
One day we all had his brother come here, but there was no other place to see Shahzad brother, but things were known in the words that he is going to get very low today. I am worried about something, I quietly accompanied her grandfather, to her room, she stepped forward and knocked her door and knocked her door towards the door and knocked her door. He was very hot, now he saw a new little refrigerator in his room, also a national transistor radio on the table with a wall, even before he had seen his room, but now more Beautiful decorated look was coming, !!!!! Before that some gossips were made, Shahzad brothers came out with their nephew, saying that they are always from Dubai, !!!! Maybe some have gone to organize food, !!!!

But my surprise was not the end of the time when I saw that the window was open and there were cold tide curtains coming inside, I proceeded to the window, but I saw the owner of the house where some green grass and different The flowers of the kind were planted, my heart also wanted that there was a small courtyard in our house, and there I could make a garden in a nice place, and there was a wide range of flowers, I still thought of standing in the window, That’s exactly what happened to me on the other side of the window, a beautiful girl, in front of me!

I got scared and came out of the window, !!!! Shehzad brother and his nephew had gone to buy some food from the market, !!!! And nowadays they heard that they did not eat dinner at the brother’s house, nor did they have any cooking arrangements in their room, it clearly showed that they had arranged for their meals in the next place, etc. gonna be,!!!!!

As I looked at this girl, I got back from the window, this girl gave me a voice, !!!!!

Listen, !!!! What is your name, !!!!!!
I told you my name, I’m sorry!

The girl asked where she was born, ??????

I told myself, !!! They are shocked by the brothers, they will just come, !!!!

This girl stretched her hand, gave me a plate covered, and said, !!!! This is the carrot’s argument, !!!!

I took that plate right away from this girl, but at that time, that plate was very heavy in the universe, before the plate fell from my side, I was very careful with both myths and on the table. Put the radio where it was kept, !!!!!

I looked at the window, so that girl Hussein still smiled at me, !!!!! Regarding me, asked my name again, !!!!!!

I said,!!!! I just told you my name, !!!!
The girl said, “What’s wrong with telling me again? I forgot something.”

I repeatedly asked her name, I told her name, was very cute and beautiful, !!!!

She has eaten something very well, !!!!! Nazinin, !!!!! And disappeared from the window, !!!! I just saw him, I did not see such a beautiful and beautiful girl, I would not be able to be 17 years old now, but I always had feelings of beauty and love. I have a feeling in my heart that surely the girl’s pride is definitely a challenge, !!!!

In the meantime, Shaheed brothers entered the room with his nephew, there were two bags in his hand, some of which contained sauce, rods and salts, etc. I immediately asked him to see the plate placed on the table and I just could say something, !!!! They immediately asked, !!!!! What was nasty, !!!!

I responded to my neck, and I also asked a few questions, that !!!! What’s the matter that Shazzad Brother, who is this Nazinine, !!!!!!!

She smiled at first, !!! And very confidently, I said, !!!! Look like you, do not say anything to anyone right now, it’s just going to happen to you just a little while, our nephew already knows!

I said, ‘Shehzad brother, !!!’ Really, you are very fortunate, when you are going to be stunned every time you are here.

Afterwards I said Shahzad Brother, !!!!! Every girl used to go to college in the morning in the morning, but I never thought about it, but I knew that this house is the owner of the house !!!!

He raised the whole situation of his heart, while talking about his father twice, and he was considered to be a gentle boy, allowing them to open a window, and at home house If a good thing was cooked, it would reach them through the window, once again, Prince Shekhar had also tried on an invitation to eat at an event at home.

Instead of looking at each other, it was the love of both of them, and there was no knowledge of anyone, neither his brother, Bhabhhi nor the other’s family members !!!!!!

I really started to be fervous about the luck of both of them, I really felt much happier in my heart, seeing the love of both of them, with some envy, !!!!! Both of them were the owners of their own place as well as their good heart, whenever Shahzad brothers met me, they used to tell me much of their love story. And I myself too had to go to them these days, and many times, both of them saw it talking face to face in front of this window together, but the love of both of them went into anxiety, but Shahzad brother never The Nazinin did not try to meet somewhere else, and the relation between him and his relationship with him was limited only to the window, !!!!!!

Shahzad said it was just a matter of few days, I was about to buy a personal house, he had got a loan from his company and he also got a good amount of money in the bank. It was because they used to save a few months from the beginning every few from their salary and they were collecting them in the account, now one of them had a bike, !!!!! They were very happy that they would buy a house very soon and send it out and send their brothers and sisters to demand their relationship with Nazin.

They were very happy that their destination is now very close, they seemed to be more smart now, as a young man, and Nazinin was very happy to see his dream dreams very soon! !!!

The time passed, the time passed for more than six years, I graduated and served, the father’s second city had changed, and along with me and all sister-in-law mother, with father She had to leave, and then during her long time she could not meet Shahzad brother because of her visits, whether both of them got married or did not know anything, and also came to her.

It was almost too close, some of its problems were noticed by some domestic issues due to problems and pride.

In the second one of our other cities in our own country, we all started our new environment, all sisters and sisters in our schools to study in schools, I and Dad working hard to operate their own area, working here The time passed so early that three more years went to Bethany, !!!!!

Meanwhile, father got transferred to another city from there, sister-in-law and mother had come back to the old city, and I also returned to my old city after a few months, I was very happy to travel back. She had a lot of memories of Shahzad and Nazin sadly that neither our parents nor any other friend of Shehzad and his brother Bibi, nor did I contact Shahzad in that period. The faster the train was moving towards my old city, I had a lot of thought by the prince and the Nazim, but I was expecting myself to pray that both of them got married! !!!!

When I reached home, I rested for a while, and lasted, she took all the siblings and sisters to Shehzad brother, and she had gone for a long time, and her brother was informed of Bhabhi. Brother’s brother arrived at Bhabhahi’s house, after all the thieves he was filled with a cold sigh about Shahzad, told my mother, !!!!!

What would you ask for aunt, !!! After a few days after your departure, there was a lot of problems coming from Shahzad, one of our jobs ended, another life would be ruined, !!!!!!

I was surprised to hear it, !!!! What is it saying, !!!!! The eldest brothers of Shahzad were not at home, but they went out in search of the job of Wahhab and their return till night.

He further said, “!!!! Shehzad is absolutely mad, he does not have food, neither drink nor drink, just like a beard grows in the streets, the old clothes are shrouded in the streets, and every time they go on their heads Stay tuned, !!!!!!!

It was said that his tears came in tears, !!!! And they started crying, !!!! Our mother said to all of us, “Go away.” The rest of the children went to another room, but I took the grand nephew’s brother and came out, and asked him !!!!!

What is this matter, what about your honey about Shahzad?

He answered, !!! How do you tell me what you are doing, but you do not know how to do it.

I said, !!!! First take me to them, !!!!!

They will have to find them, and they do not know where the whole area is. They know that the whole region knows them, they do not go anywhere from the area whereas they are very tired of the children, and they also stone stones, even though older, children They are afraid of being scolded and they are very respected in this situation too, and they also give something to eat, !!!!

We still had a short time, suddenly heard a noise of children, !!! Both of them ran away, and dunk them and turned aside, !!!!!

The situation I saw ahead of Shahzad’s brother was not kept away from me, I have tears in my eyes !!!! She was quite comfortable with the old little coat, it grew sharp beard, and many types of cattle were poured out on the throat, the old chapel was on Monday, sitting on a wall, was encamped.

I just went close to them and asked them, !!!! How She Shehzad Brother, !!!!
They started crying to me, they looked very like crazy, and said, !!!!! Now why did it come when all the game ended, !!!! I’m free now, do not bother me, !!!!! Go away, do not come near me, I’ll stone the stone !!!!!!

He had a great stone in his hand, he lifted up his hand, I was afraid to stand up immediately, !!!!!

The nephew’s brother-in-law said, !!!!!! Brothers, do not be afraid, they never kill anyone, they just keep scared, sometimes sometimes they kill their children in place of stones and stones, but they just fear children but they never hit the stone. And no one has hurt anyone, even then see blood from their feet, !!!!!

My condition was absolutely untouched, I wanted to know how his condition was and who was responsible for it, !!!!!!

His nephew also wanted me to listen to the story sitting on him in one breath, but I told him, !!!! Come on walk in the park, sit there comfortably, all of them passed through events, start listening events !!!!!

Both of us went towards nearby parks, and sat there in a corner, I said, !!!!! Now tell me, but with the comfort, !!!!!

The nephew started his story, and I also took all my attention to him, !!!!!!

When you say, brother when you went, Shahzad used to remember you many times and again, because they used to express their heart to you or to me, they loved the Nazin extremely and the Nazin It was possible that I knew you, or I knew you, and nobody had news from ear because she was not respected by Nazzad’s family.

This was the reason that there was no knowledge of love for me here, but my love was just going through this window and reached extreme extremism, this story broke out on this window !!! !!!

I was so surprised at all surprising that she had heard the story of Shahzad brother’s story, !!!!!

The nephew said to the matter, !!!!!! This kind of day has been increasing in the time of both these days, now even at night, both of them jumped into the window and talked to each other, what did they do all these things to happen, they used to do China had ruined the sleeping day of the night itself, could not live forever for each other, but just to the extent of the window !!!! They never thought of meeting them, ever! !!!!!!

The window was also in the middle of the ladder, as if somebody had a fear or a slight sound, the Nazin would immediately hide in a corner underneath the ladder, wherever the darkness lived, and the Shahzad uncle too curtains I had seen many times in front of me, or lying on the bed, !!!!

He used to talk to anyone in the day, to talk about eating something to eat, until his voice was heard, he did not get rid of the window, he was in college now and his study is now fully focused. She had gone away, maybe she was behind the class also, and on the other hand, Shehzad uncle too started to be absent from the office, there he had got notice on notice, but she did not even leave the window, nor did she So Nazin, did not even care about his studies, !!!!!!

The Nazin’s mother started thinking about her daughter, she was a mother, so she probably knew the condition of her daughter’s heart, maybe she also wanted to have a son, if she was a good boy, if the Nazin’s marriage was with him. , !!!!!

One night, Nazi’s mother caught theft of both of them and quietly she reached the window and caught Nainen’s hand, !!!!!
I told myself that uncle, !!!!! They used to talk to me about my secret every day, and I was also interested in it, !!!!!

Shehzad’s grandfather briefed the story, said, !!!!!! She used to tell me brother, !!!!!

After that day, brother was stopped coming to the Nazineen window, and Shahzad was unclean unclean unclean day, after the third day, Nazin’s mother was evening in his window, uncle immediately reached the window, assuming that it was Nazinin. But there she was her mother, she immediately dumped the uncle in a hurry, and gave her leave behind my daughter, her father is very unjust, she will not leave you and burst the Nazin in the ground, !!!!!

In addition, the Nazin’s mother also said that take a good way, I thought you were very good, etc. If you really were serious about marrying then send your family to us here, and also said, !!! I do not see this window open with ugly, on the other hand, his mother took a vintage wardrobe to the window on the other day.

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