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Education And Importance Of Education

Education is a human being whether it is wealthy or poor, man or woman’s primary needs. It is the right of man who can not snatch it, if there is a difference between man and beast, it is a matter of education. Or is the development of society for the development, that education is the cause of the development and development of the nation. Education means not only to take any degree from school, college universities, but also to comply with it and to learn civilization so that human beings have their own social tradition It is a jewel that makes a person’s role in the world. If everything is seen in the world Deduces, but education is a wealth that does not diminish but also gives rise to human being due to the quality of education, education is permissible in every religion. It is obliged to study in Islam. The need for education is very important on this and the most distant age, even if the development of the world progresses. Although today’s era is a computer era, nuclear development is a period of science and industrial development, but basic modern education in schools To get technical education, engineering, advocacy, docistry and various modern sciences, today is the need for modern times. There are also important places of religious teaching as well as moral education as well as moral education for humanity as well, it is very important for this education to develop godliness, worship, love, love, life, service in life. The spirit of loyalty and sympathy is awakened, due to moral education, the creation of Salih and Ricky society is the first goal of education, to always be a human, physical and spiritual sign. Education is very important for educating people who are high Teaching the texts of the teacher, teachers are not those who read only four books and adopt some classes. But it is the teacher who is awakened by the secret skills of the students, and he gives wealth to his wife with knowledge and understanding, knowledge and awareness, whose teachers have taken their responsibility. They are well-pleased, their students remain grateful to the last science, in this context, if today’s conditions are reviewed, it will feel that professional education will be polluted. Department of Education and School Administration and Society Till now the four books were lost, the goal of acquisition knowledge was on the basis of creation of human beings and marks on today’s sheet. It is so good to find a good job, how accurate it is to evaluate it today’s educational environment like the children have only the degree of studying at the end of the examination. Unfortunately, there are some elements also There are enemies of education, who have begun a struggle between our educational order for the fulfillment of their wishes, which has rarely been a part of the Rasmusshi. However, as the people of the outside world understand the importance of education, Muslims too Islamic teachings are not far from modern education, but also the foundations of modern times are the founders of Islam The Reich witness is that Muslims gain patience and growth in the religion and religion of the world, but whenever the Muslims depart from knowledge and education, they became slaves or whenever they lost themselves from the opportunities of education As per the nation, lost their identity today, the educational institutions in Pakistan are targeted by terrorism. The enemy forces are keen to weaken the country by educating the enemy forces, such elements are also present in the country using their own sovereignty, patriotism, jurisdiction. Due to their own interests, children in education are facing obstacles in education Due to the majority of children, children lose their education and their future remains black and due to this, our youth class lives in the education race, the secret of the development of the West is merely the importance of education to the world and to get education. It is possible to try and on the bill of education, they have won the success of the West and due to the fall of the East also do not have to be educated. The world’s world whose economy has been destroyed, depandes on the big powers of the world, their defense budget So billions of rupees, but the education budget is not equal, if any country wants them to develop, they should Strengthening educational institutions till today the nations have developed only for knowledge. It is not possible to view only the importance of knowledge. It is important to understand the importance of knowledge, every meditative and civil society is far from far from ancient times. Islam is also encouraged to get knowledge on the basis of compatibility, its early verses are found in the book of Islam, as it was appointed for the release of prisoners of Badr, the money was set to release those who were poor They were left behind but those who knew how to write, they were ordered to write ten ten children will be left behind. Saying that Zaid bin Sattat learned how to write such a manner that was a revelation of revelation, that is why we can evaluate the importance of education and how important it is. Those people who are educated in society are religious or religious. In the society and inside a house, there is a separate place. The value of a young child is that only people do because of education, we should study and use education, and if possible, that day is not far.

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