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“Little Dharmal” Will Not Be Released In Pakistan, Ajay Devgan

New Bollywood film has decided not to release Dharmal in Pakistani cinemas. According to media reports, the blasts of Indian troops in Pulwala blast are quite loud these days. Due to the tensions between India and Pakistan, after ban on Pakistani artists, now Hindi films have been announced to be released. Actor Ajay Devgan said that his new movie will not be released in Dhal, Pakistan.
Isaac’s “Cake Walk”

Isaac Deal has a digital platform for acting. In a short film, Ashisha Deval will be seen as a Bengali woman “cake”. According to media reports, actress Aasha Devol’s new web movie ‘Cake Walk’ will release the skin soon, they will be seen cooking, cooking Bengali.
 Case against Akshay and Anupam

Two famous Bollywood actors Akshay Khanna and Anupam Khair were caught in difficulty. Recently, a case was registered for working in the film “Ancient Primary Miner”. According to media reports, the movie related to life of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reached the court’s court verdict and stressed that both the actors spread hateful material through the film and shattered the peace that the local court Ordered the police to file a case against both actors.

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