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Rhyme On Life

Rhyme on life
The number of angles and the same as a creator sees in life is beyond the circle of a common person. A deeper analysis of the beauty and illness of life that is found in Lion Vedab can be estimated from our small selection. Life is not so simple as it appears to be very complex and its colors are very diverse. She is also very sympathetic and in some of her cases too brutal. Read this story of life on your own.

Come and stay away

What is life, it’s a journey

The last one is to be the one on the day

The newest and the new ones

Now you have a grief of happiness or joy of grief

I am very unhappy

Now Mary is not a life

Still you are my life

If I have permission, I will confirm that with your charms

Life is a beautiful idea
Payday loan is not paid

The interest that I give for life is over
Life has given us this way with us

Like somebody, I’m sorry

He says to heaven, He is also hell

The life of the husbands passed away
They sacrificed everywhere

Life has become a sacrifice
One step has taken place as a result of life

What is happening to the grief also with pleasure
One is also lucky for life

This life has been cut off in good intentions
One’s life is of life

Grieve this one’s milk
The message remains for the heart

Life is happening
Everything is near if there is a tradition of Sita

Life is called Rama Boss
The body was blind, in the body with veins

After death, hand pearls shattered

It’s a big deal, maybe even breathing it

As life is lifted, life decreases
Finding a big life is life

Papa does not ask for help

There are many things in it, but nothing else

Life pain is nothing but love

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