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Sarah Ali Left The Mother’s House

The news about Bollywood actor Sarah Ali Khan is circulating that she has decided to leave her mother Amrita Singh’s house. According to media reports, Bollywood’s small Nawab Saeed Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sarah Ali Khan have become a news of these days, but it has also been reported that she has left her mother’s house and separated. A photo of Ali Khan is wrecked on social media, which can be seen at home with luggage in the car. In the picture, Sara is looking at a sudden picture of the journalist and is prohibiting the image.
Anil Kapoor will become the villain

Bollywood, Mr. India, famous actor Anil Kapoor has signed a new movie, will appear in the negative role of Anil Kapoor Valen in this new Hindi film. In many films, Hero and main character, Anil Kapoor has already acted in many action films.
Karna Copinicanco advised “not pasting”

Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor has recently given a suggestion to Pranka Chopra. According to media reports, actress Karina Kapoor has said Pranka never forgot her past. After marrying the American singer Nick Penca, Prana Chopra, according to media reports. Actress Karina Kapoor participated in a fair wedding with Pranka Chopra. The new promo of this program emerged in which Karna, Prinika is advising her.

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