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Take Care Of The Health And Create Health

Long-term illness or disability can have a major impact on the life of a person. A person named A was very healthy and stupid, but then he became physically disabled. After that, A while describing his feelings He said: “I was very disappointed. My courage and power was answered. I thought I was completely broken in.”

A’s experience shows that none of us can have full control over our health, but we can take some precautions and reduce the risk of getting worse. But if our health worsens So should we lose our happiness? Of course, we will look forward to this article in front of this article. But come first, consider some of the principles that will keep our health healthy.

‘I am the owner of good habits.’
If a person eats more than anything, he does not only lose his health, but also his burden on the pocket. The holy word has been advised: “Do not be involved in alcohol and Do not be afraid of kebabs because they become drunk and eaten. “
Do not pollute your body. “Come, clean your body and your thinking completely in any way.”
When a person eats pan, straw, manipuri, gut or aunt etc., drinks cigarettes, keeps seeds, takes drugs, or drink alcohol more than the limit, he pollutes his body. For example, preventing diseases and drinking cigarettes, according to the American Institute of Rectangle “causes disease and disability, and thus damages almost every body’s body.”

Understand your body and life a wonderful gift. God’s Word states: “Through [God] we live and walk and exist.”
Control negative feelings. Our thinking and our body are deeply concerned. Therefore, do not worry, do not get angry, do not embarrass, and create other negative feelings in your heart. Let it be. In the Holy Word, it is written: “Turn away from the wrath and release the wrath.”
Consider the positive things. In God’s Word, it is written: “The heart is satisfied with the heart.”
Gather yourself inside. Maybe we are facing any difficulty like A, which is not being named after the end and we do not have any other option to bear it, but we can find such a way. Through which we can compete with this difficulty, some people are so scared in the ocean sea that their situation is worsened rather than being better. The Bible says: “If you are suffering If you lose courage, you will be able to keep your strength. “
On the contrary, some people are disappointed when they are difficult, but then they handle themselves. They learn to live according to circumstances and find a different way to deal with their difficulties. He said that instead of giving regular prayers and thinking about the good news found in the holy Scriptures, he would not be surprised to see what he could do. In addition, many people who faced great problems learned to show kindness and sympathy, as many people in their hearts. The passion of conveying the message of the Holy Word was born.

The person named Steve had to face a very difficult situation. As a result of an accident at the age of 15, all the underneath their neck became obsolete, but their arm started working until the age of 18. When he went to university, he started taking drugs, he began to drink alcohol completely and became impatient. He left the hope of hope. But when he began to do the course of the holy word, He looked up and said, “It was over for many years in my life, it’s over. Now my life is great now. Lakes and lifestyles are loaded. “

The change in Steve and A’s life proves that these words of the Holy Word are absolutely right: “The Law of Jehovah [is] perfect. He restores life. [Jehovah’s laws] are straightforward. They make the heart rejoice. [Jehovah’s commandment is unbelievable, he illuminated eyes. “

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