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Take Care Of Your Health

Life is a beautiful blessing of Allah and we never want to give this gift of gifts to various diseases and bad health. Today our organs are performing their functions in different conditions like kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, etc., but they will never be active in such a healthy and accurate condition. Good health is not just a bounce, but also includes good and positive mental health, a healthy personality and a healthy lifestyle.And keeping self-care or self-esteem to keep these things in balance and balance It is very important .Selfer Care means how we get protection from various diseases while considering our health. It includes cleaning, balanced food, life style, or lifestyle, environmental factors, economic conditions, and self-treatment etc. The person who takes care of the person is different from the individual. The International Self-Service Foundation has designated a framework that is attributed to the seven pillars of self-care, namely, we can follow these seven pillars and take a healthy care. People should be aware of the physical and mental condition themselves that we are aware of our mental and physical condition to realize any change in our physical and mental condition. Your Budapher and sugar level should be aware of.

Self-involvement in physical activity, walk, cycling, or any sport that directly impacts physical health, fitness and temperament. Exercise should be taken for some time. Movement is the second name of life and the research has proven that everyday exercises make many positive and happy arithmetics on our day, which lead to long life, decrease in the rate of various diseases, Weight loss etc. Increase the movement in your life and prefer to walk walking instead of the car to move to nearby places, so as to move down the stairs rather than lifting the elevator. And try to use different parts of the body. Take care of various sports, such as basketball, football, swimming, tennis, bad minerals.

People should be aware of the healthy balanced diet use that the food they are eating is as beneficial to their health. Fried chicken nutrients, such as fast foods, chips, biscuits etc., should not be minimal or not used in their own foods, because these foods not only attract obesity and heart diseases, but also include a chemical acrylamide It is possible to cause cancer.
Make sure to use vegetable and fruit and prefer favorite colorful foods. Fruits and vegetables that are fond and dark, contain anti-oxidant quantity .and these are extremely essential and beneficial for our health because they remove free radicals from our body Keep our cells damaged. Therefore use different colors of your diet in white (banana, mushrooms), yellow (pine apple, mango), orange (canoe, papaya), red (apple, strawberry, Tomato), green (creamy, cucumber, saladpipe), blue (black berries, eggplant) etc.

Make food routine in short breaks at different times of the day. By adopting schedule, we can divide our energy at different times of the day. Eat at the time when you feel hungry and leave a little hungry and get up with your food. It is not mandatory that every person’s eating habits are the same, so listen to your body and provide it as needed. And avoid emotional drowsiness. The emotional dough is that which is not our real hunger. We eat when we are depressed or happier. Emotional foods do not feel happiness or sadness by eating just a little while, it should be avoided by negative effects on our body. In addition, it is important to keep yourself from people suffering from various diseases and accidents, how we can be able to survive from a major accident by conducting small things, such as vaccination, set belt by tackling a big accident. Can save In addition, cigarettes can be left behind and avoid lung cancer like lung cancer. Medical checkups should be regularly regulated every month so that the timely diagnosis of the disease can be treated.

In addition to considering cleanliness, people are taking care of cleanliness in their homes and offices etc., reducing environmental disorders as well as staying away from various diseases. And can also be protected from various diseases such as malaria, dengue, chicken lungs, hormones, and many diseases.

Full sleep in the pillow pillows is an essential and basic pillar. Shahid is in your knowledge that when our sleep is not complete or our body needs rest, we use more food, which is mostly in the form of zinc food, so we should take a full and full sleep. Because due to the lack of sleep we get up early and we never want to do so, get full sleep and stay young.

Most of the use of water is also very important for a healthy body, most of us do not use such amount of water.

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