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This Is A Life Or A Wait

If you leave with yourself in a difficult time, the ideas start looking for someone. Then we are not going to do it, and you do not live with us. If you live together, it seems very little to be done .But the waiters are waiting and then the hope of meeting someone is not equal Gets as heavy as If we are to be loyal and if we do not want to live happily with us if we are not with us then where we are, then where will we find them? Then, if we become friends, then we all love and They are looking for it. The memories of our hearts in Shu’ara under us are safe, which are not even in our sleep, they are bound to be remembered like dreams in our sleep. Then, when negative aspects associated with them, we are afraid to sleep in sleep Some people believe that this woman is a mental illness, but there is no such thing. There are some tragedies that we can not do to do good. But if they die, they are the companions of our lives till death. Unfortunate events cause similar diseases for us. Even if there is more opportunities for happiness, sadness remains lazy .As we are going to get away from ourselves There are cardboard. Due to this, we have to cope with drunk pills. Sometimes it happens that we are afraid of ourselves in a glimpse of the day itself. It is ours who leave us forever from this world. They have not come back again. If those who are alive and are away from us and are angry, how to celebrate them and how to bring them to ourselves. Some people break the strings for all lives. I do not even know how to see each other’s face. Most of us would argue even to listening to the truths of the people of the Apostle. They burn their homes with a non-frozen fire .If once again the truth comes in front of us, hands are handsome, but till now the water has passed. We take a good life as well. And in our homes, everything we can do is in our favor, we will be sweared by our will, we do not even ban on anything, Homer grief keeps track of us. Life is a tremendous fact that it has to be accepted as well. It was like a Maulana Sahib, who was saying about me. TV was a breakthrough. He said that life is a liar and death is the name of all the responsibilities and depressions of grief. Yes, my eyes are tears. What has anyone said to be in the morning, is melting like ice like life? Sometimes the mouth comes to the mouth whenever the need is needed .If heart is to work patiently, because besides that There is no choice either. Some gooseberry yards have to be wrapped in linen. Then their shining tears are set inside, which fall deep into the heart. Where is their light from where It is the same thing that we have to do with our lives. Sometimes we do not get rid of our own hands in our own hands. But still we do not consider our guilt, and make the guilty guilty of our destruction. On one day there were some guests in our house. On the occasion of tea, they asked me that you either write poetry or write columns. I gave them two answers to one question. One thing is that I like to sit in gambling with ordinary women, from where to learn something. We do not want to waste time by talking about each other. It is silent on it. In writing, we can forget the past and grief of our past and spend our time in some positive things. Staying is not better for the future. In such a manner, survival of waste things will remain as many as children and will also get a little more place in society. The person can make himself better than the better .But for this we need to do a little bit of effort, we have to win and fight. We have to find the best and the best tomorrow. Similarly, we can give our children the best future We have never been able to do this with our children like this. In this past, we will never let our children happen to happen like this. This subject can only reach us to our destination. Do not we do something that comes from our coming plants And our children should give us a good word. It is better to fly on the other side and live better under the roofing roof. As the lesson poem jayy.aqbal

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